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1290 24th Avenue • San Francisco • CA • 94122

Asia Pacific Groups (APG) was established and incorporated in the State of California in June 1987 as a subsidiary of HMW & JK Enterprises, Inc.

The company was organized initially to do business in real estate investment, development, brokerage and finance. In 1992, the company started to develop mortgage banking along with a mortgage brokerage business. A special emphasis was put into short term commercial and equity lending. The total funding for the first year was $150,000,000 and expanded rapidly. APG is now one of the most recognized finance companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

In 1995, APG initiated contact to finance international investment projects. Rapport and support continues to grow from communities throughout the world. 

Asia Pacific Groups also specializes in residential purchases and refinancing, as well as commecrial purchases and construction loans.  

APG has over 20 dedicated loan officers and real estate professionals ready to serve you and over a hundred loan products for every type of financing. 

So do the right thing for yourself -
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Licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate. License No. 00962731